Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gimme shelter

So the Hell's Angels, who murdered a guy at the Altamont free concert in 1969 (and punched the lead singer of Jerrefon Airplane in the face) while employed as security and threw a big cloud over the Rolling Stones' career, somehow felt they were the aggrieved party and planned to kill Mick Jagger? Yes, the Stones were idjuts for falling for the Hell's Angels biker chic of the late 1960s, which was all a pile of crap, as Hunter S. Thompson so ably pointed out in his wonderful, and second-best, book Hell's Angels. Murdering Jagger would have finished the Hell's Angels, which would have gone down in a mass of infighting and internal recriminations and a crushing world-wide police crackdown.


Anonymous said...

Well, the Angels weren't exactly controlled by deep thinkers, were they? The good doctor spelled that out quite clearly in his time with them - which, in typical Angels fashion, ended badly. I think the Stones' biggest mistake was not necessarily in hiring the Angels - a lot of other bands had done it, without trouble - but rather in paying them in beer. When you watch Gimmme Shelter, the documentary on that doomed Altamont show, you can see the Angels getting drunker and drunker, and more out of control with each passing minute. By the end, there is this Angel standing on stage, obviously out of his mind on beer and a wicked chemical brew, watching Jagger prance around. The Angel looks like he is gonna bite Jagger's head off. Only Keith Richards called them out that nite, at one point warning the Angels to stop beating the fans with cue sticks or he was going to walk. Jagger's fabled reluctance to part with a buck proved to be disastrous for everyone.

Ottawa Watch said...

I saw the movie. It was brilliant.
I still can't remember the guy in Jefferson Airplane who got punched in the face and I'm too busy and lazy to look it up. I'll keep trying to remember until my curiousity gets the better of my senility.

Anonymous said...

Well, for what it's worth, I felt like punching them all in the face after the first time I heard "We built this city on rock and roll."

skippystalin said...

I agree. Marty Balin has been fucking asking for it for forty years. The Angels should have taken his leg off with a chainsaw and beaten Grace Slick to death with it.

As a matter of fact, whenever I'm asked how I would make a great movie even greater, my answer almost always involves cutting Marty Balin's leg off with a chainsaw and beating Grace Slick to death with it.

That might actually make me like, say, Bambi