Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ne-Nazis on the streets of Calgary

Yesterday, a couple of dozen neo-Nazi skinheads demonstrated on the streets of Calgary.
I don't think this is a big deal.
They protested in a province that has a human rights commission that is being used to punish Ezra Levant for publishing the Munhamed cartoons.
That didn't stop them.
They protested in a country that has anti-hate laws.
That didn't stop them.
Are we supposed to have more laws to edit people's minds and souls? Obviously having laws against hate speech isn't enough to stop these people from becoming haters.
That's the kind of police state they want.
They protested under the careful gaze of Calgary police, who were ready to arrest them for any Criminal Code violations they might commit.
Do I feel threatened by these people? No.
Am I happy they're around? No.
Do I like these people? Not at all.
Am I delighted the Calgary Sun gave these creeps its front page, which, I'm sure, will adorn the walls in their parents' basements? Nope.
But I'm glad we haven't suspended the rights of the other 1 million people in Calgary because of a preceived threat from the fringe of the fringe.
They are no danger to the state. Let them have their little march. If the police want to record it and use the information to monitor these people to ensure they do not break the law, that's fine by me.
But let's also be sure CSIS isn't organizing this, as they have done so with organizations like the Heritage Front.
And let's not tar honest people like Keith Martin and Mark Steyn with the filthy brush left lying on Calgary streets by this miserable, but very photogenic, little mob.

BTW, the guy in the middle of the Sun picture looks like Private Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.

HT Kinsella, who has a very different take

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