Sunday, March 09, 2008

Render Unto Caesar

Don't get me wrong: it's rude to mock other people's religions with Piss Christs, cartoons of Muhamed, blood libels, poorly made False Face masks and Hello Kittys. People who do so probably deserve a bit of an ass whupping or a slap upside the head, but since that sort of retaliatory behavior undermines social peace, it's best to let all but the most outrageous and truly criminal insults ride. True believers, as I said below, should trust in God to sort things out. As for actual criticisms of the tenets of religion, based on a solid and rational analysis of fact, the more the better. We wouldn't have had the Reformation and the Age of Reason without them.
So it's with a happy heart that I see the House of Lords has struck down the blasphemy laws, originally brought in to protect the Anglican church from Papists, Presbyterians, Unitarians and others who have moved on to become pillars of the community. I hope in 300 years (or much less) people will see the antagonism between Jew, Muslim and Christian as equally quaint.

I am looking forward to hearing Ezra Levant on CBC's Cross Country Checkup. I guess they couldn't get Mark Steyn.

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