Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today's Bad Journalism

"Police may be investigating"???
I doubt this would have run when Don Sellar was ombud.

Car owned by Black's son linked to hit-and-run

Dale Anne Freed
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

As if disgraced media baron Conrad Black didn't have enough woes, Toronto police may be investigating his son Jonathan Black, 30, in connection with a hit-and-run Thursday evening in the financial district.

It is not known who was driving the car linked to Black.

Police are probing the collision, which occurred at King St. and University Ave. after one vehicle rear-ended another.

One person was taken to the hospital with injuries, Staff Sgt. Andy Norrie of traffic services told the Toronto Star.

Police would not confirm or deny that Black's son was driving the car, a silver 2002 Infiniti registered to him.

A man, who was later released from hospital, was believed to have suffered injuries to his head and neck.

"The driver of one of the vehicles apparently fled the scene after being observed and speaking to some other witnesses," said Norrie.

"There's some indication of alcohol involvement and a licence plate was obtained. We have seized a vehicle and that's where we're at," said Norrie.

"We have no one in custody," he said.

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