Sunday, March 30, 2008

World o' Creeps

I believe Human Rights commissions are the wrong mechanism for dealing with hate speech. Most of their Islamicist litigants place no real value on civil rights, except to use their grievances as a cudgel. I know they wouldn't speak up for yours or mine, or for natural human rights in the Muslim world. I also find it very disturbing that Ottawa lawyer and former Canadian Human Rights Commission employee Richard Warman is the litigator in the vast majority of the Sec. 13(1) cases. But I just read a posting on an American Nazi web site that not only clearly calls for Warman's murder, it publishes his home address. I suspect the right wing bloggers in Canada would go apeshit if some Communist suggested the same thing for Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. And if I was Warman, I'd take this type of threat very seriously and fight back against Nazi scum with whatever weapons are at hand.
And, no, it doesn't matter who started it. Warman may have been wasting his time hunting wanna-be Goebbels and Himmlers before tin-pot Hitler Bill White and his repressed homosexual ring started making death threats against him. Now, the game is different: it only takes one brown-shirt nut with a gun to make White's sick fatwa come true.
My main problem with the anti-HRC crowd is the fact Ezra Levant is a litigious asshole and most of his online supporters are common bigots. I remember him from his days on Parliament Hill, when he and Logan Day used to cause mischief with various publicity stunts that made his political party, Reform, seem like a joke. He's threatened to sue various bloggers for libel, using this country's draconian defamation laws to limit the free speech of his critics. His magazine was a third-rate rag that finally succumbed to the free market. It was a soapbox for the type of red-necked nutters that have become Alberta stereotypes. Unable to continue to trash Ottawa because it lacked the political independence and the backbone to criticise the harperistas (no friends of a free and independent press, that lot), it ran out of reasons to exist.
Mark Steyn is, at least, intelligent and readable.
It's very unlikely the CHRC would be used as a weapon against a decent publication, but there's no point leaving that option open. That's why I still believe Sec. 13 (1) should be amended. The reading public -- the marketplace -- has already decided on Levant. Maclean's will end its flirtation with Thatcherism or follow the Western Standard onto the trash heap soon enough.


bigcitylib said...

Can you email me the link to the website in question?

Anonymous said...

Kinsella linked to this guy a while back. Been following him for years - we think he's a disnfo / COINTELPRO type. Not really to be taken seriously.

IIRC Warman is listed in the phone book, and Sandy Hill has a lot of diplomatic missions, so Joe Skinhead probably wouldn't get far if he was intent on harm.

Anonymous said...

Good post. It seems to me that there is room for tweaking the rules -- make it clearer that this is not about prosecuting random statements, but coordinated propoganda.

Ottawan said...

"But I just read a posting on an American Nazi web site that not only clearly calls for Warman's murder, it publishes his home address."

Maybe - probably - Warman posted it. Come on, Mark, you weren't born yesterday, and you know HRC types do, in fact, engage in sock puppetry.

And the threshold for "threats" is so incredibly low these days that I doubt very much it "clearly calls for Warman's murder". Maybe it does, but that would be an actual anomaly and it is logical to be skeptical.

Warman's address is public info and has been posted all over the place; he should pay the extra ten bucks and get an unlisted number.

There is way more context here, Warman tried to get some American websites blocked by the CRTC - a first - because he claimed he received death threats. I read the threats and they were less than clear death threats, let's put it that way.

Warman lost the case to tailor Canada's internet to his liking, but if people like you keep taking these "threats" at face value he might succeed some day. I generally enjoy your posts but I think you might not have it right this one time.

Warren said...

I so loved this entry I linked to it and encouraged everyone to read it and save it.

Have you ever noticed the inverse relationship, Mark, between anonymous commenters and intelligence?

Ottawa Watch said...

The fifth commentator made me, for a moment, want to post the link to White's site. The threat is not made in a comment. It's right there in the text. There are no weasel words. White tells his readers to drag Warman out of his house and shoot him. Then he gives a very precise address.

Thanks, Warren, for your comment. See you at Barrymore's.

Cameron Campbell said...

Well smote.