Sunday, April 06, 2008

Do I amuse you?

Allan Woods, the Toronto Star's reporter covering Stephen Harper's European trip, trashes him in today's paper for not being chatty during or after his visit to Auschwitz.
Some things leave you speechless, Allan.
What is he supposed to say? What can anyone say that fits the situation?
This is what the Ottawa Citizen reports Harper wrote in the Auschwitz guest book:

"We are witness here to the vestiges of unspeakable cruelty, horror and death. Let us never forget these things and work always to prevent their repetition.

"Lord, bless the souls of those who suffered and perished here, and deliver us from evil.

"Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, April 5, 2008"

That says it all.

(HT, Norman Spector)


Robert McClelland said...

I don't think it's unreasonable for the "leader" of Canada to say something to the people who are footing the bill for his little trip.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about journalists and journalism students, more stuff for the grinder here.

Ottawa Watch said...

Couple of points:

I would never write anything like that about my students. If I have complaints about them, I talk to the students. I don't sell columns about them to the papers.

And I don't have complaints about our school. Despite what Bono and his ilk think, our staff is more than qualified to teach. Our department head is a former manager at the Vancouver Sun who is an expert on the Canadian film industry. We have several former TV news managers, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Chicago Tribune, a brilliant scientist who specializes in ethical issues, and part-time professors who are in major newsrooms in Montreal and Ottawa.

The faculty at Carleton is full of people who work or have worked at the highest levels of Canadian journalism. Ryerson has top-quality magazine and print people. I suspect its TV faculty knows its stuff, too.

My students actually do know what's going on in the world, as much as 18 and 19-year-olds with heavy school loads and (many of them) part-time jobs. We do current events tests and, for the most part, the students do fine. I suppose the only thing to add is my wonderment that the students at Case Western don't study for this guy's news quiz. Certainly, they're easy marks.

People shouldn't knock today's generation of college students. Many of them are absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

Pretty well universal condemnation of Allan Woods article in today's letters to the editor page today. Well worth reading.