Saturday, April 12, 2008

I guess no proffreakers have joined

The "National Press Club Foundation", a collection of lobbyists and PR-types who contaminated the old National Press Club, drove it into bankruptcy, then absconded with its name, declares its mission:

The Club continues to encourage excellence in jornalism through awards and an ambitious new Scholarship Program, supports press freedom, provides a venue for newsmakers to be heard on issues of the day, maintains a traditional close contact with the ethnic press and the Diplomatic Community in the Nation's Capital.

Sadly, these verminous flaks plan to sell off a big chunk of Canadian journalism heritage and history later this month at a $75 a plate dinner. Ghastly. Unfortunately, Hill journalists have very little sense of corporate history, a strange trait in a group of people who, for reasons inexplicable, believe they'll be remembered five minutes after they're gone.



kady said...

Ugh. Maybe the Gallery can be convinced to bid on some of the most historically significant items -- I mean, it seems a shame to let this stuff end up gracing the mantles of local lobby firms.

Ottawa Watch said...

I agree. I'm willing to add a chunk of dough.
I am really pissed about this. The material should have been returned to the Gallery when the real press club folded.