Sunday, May 04, 2008

Charles Caccia

I just talked with him a week ago in the foyer of the University of Ottawa law school, still very dynamic, bright and urbane.
Now, Charles Caccia, one of the more able members of the Trudeau cabinet, is dead of a stroke. He was a long-time MP, holding the then-predominantly Italian-Canadian riding of Davenport. While Trudeau made use of his enthusiasm for the environment, Chretien did not. I don't know why. Possibly Chretien was overwhelmed by the high number of top-tier, high-profile Toronto MPs who just had to be in cabinet, including people like Allan Rock and Art Eggleton. Unfortunately, there are only so many seats at the cabinet table.
Caccia was a decent man who cared about Canada and its environment. He was a smart, civil debater and a man with deep commitment to his constituents, his party and his country. I'm very sad to hear of his passing.

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