Monday, May 05, 2008

Connecting the dots dept.

Can you name one former editor of the Toronto Star?
You can read this story about a former Star editor and find no mention of the fact that he's one of the paper's former editors.
Not that it's connected to his recent fame, but surely it's worth a few words.
(He also wrote the definitive arse-kreep bio of Pierre Trudeau back in '78).

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Anonymous said...

The Star had the same amnesia about Senator Andrew Thompson who worked in various capacities at the paper. Even mentioned in his biographical entry in older editions of Who's Who.
The Star ran an article when he was embroiled in his Mexican hijinks about him being a man of mystery. Quite funny. If you were charitiable, you could blame it on a lack of collective memory but even the lowest Toronto Star pressman or salesman usually gets a pretty lengthy obit.