Sunday, May 11, 2008

David Warren Watch

For those of you who were amazed at Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren's piece on the state of newspapers, here's today's offering on Mother's Day/Pentacost, Or something. See if you can make heads or tails of it.*

Read it with your best fake English accent.

Canwest stock hit another 52-week low this week, but there's always room for David Warren on the payroll. And Janice Kennedy. And a whole whack of other people who can barely function in society, let alone enlighten any other person.

*I must confess, I could not actually read it all the way through. I did try. It is too early, I have not had enough coffee, and well, life is short. I will give an autographed copy of my last Great Lakes shipwreck book to anyone who can actually get through the mess and give me 100 words on what it's about.
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Anonymous said...

"How I came to Marianology" seems to sum up the the article. The long, and superiority of the original Mother cult, in comparison to the lowbrowness of contemporary Mother's Day, in Warren's view.
God that was hard to read.
Well, I guess Warren has locked up the High Anglican Catholic convert segment of the Ottawa market.
A lot better take on Momism in North America came from Philip Wylie who is due for a revival.