Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gonna have to get me one of these

Recently, I chastised Maclean's for taking copy on Afghanistan written by an employee of the military. It was a gaffe that not only was a sin against journalism but undermined the magazine's case vis a vis the Muslims who want Human Rights Commission-enforced rebuttal space for 22 articles Maclean's ran. The rather unpleasant plaintiff in those HRC complaints is a jew-hater named Elmrasy found offensive. I still believe Human Rights Commissions are no place to deal with complaints against the media. If you have a libel issue, you sue. If you think a paper or magazine has published hate literature, you ask the attorney general to lay charges. Therefore, I will be willing to be caught dead in this, even though I'm sure the thin-skinned Mr. Steyn does not, in fact, own a beret with a maple leaf front and centre.

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