Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary: The Last Ten Days

This has been posted at a number of my favorite blogs, including Enjoy Every Sandwich. IKf I wasn't such a technopeasant I'd know how to embed the YouTube image in the blog page. But I don't, so click the link.
It's probably the funniest satire to come out of the 2008 campaign so far, but does have lots of dirty words so govern yourself accordingly.


The "Steiner isn't coming" scene from der Untergang seems to have become a bit of a YouTube plaything. Here, it's got subtitles showing Hitler's reaction to being cut off from Microsoft's online gaming system. There's also a clip showing the generals telling the Fuhrer his car has been stolen and suggesting he buy a Mustang, a recommendation he does not particularly agree with.

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skippystalin said...


To embed a You Tube clip, you have to copy/paste the code to the right of the screen in the "Edit HTML" mode in Blogger. If you try it in your "Compose" screen it won't work.

There. You have officially been blinded by science.

You're wecome.