Friday, May 09, 2008

Should we be scared?

Having been to Foleyet, I know there are no medical services of any note within seventy miles. And people do get sick and die on trains. So what is going on?
The authorities are acting like this is a SARS-type case.
Definitely a story that needs answers.


Looks like a case of "better safe than sorry", which was the best way to handle it.

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Anonymous said...

Turns out she was 86-not 60. It's quite a difference in age, non? I can't imagine getting sick in Foleyet. I have driven through Foleyet many times and not found an open restaurant to buy a coffee. People get very freaked out by the whole pandemic thing. As a member of the health care community (who has a birthday today, ahem)I was off sick with a virus last week and was asked for a stool sample by my managers-for safety reasons, of course. (I declined).