Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's column from Ward 05

Sometimes, words fail me. What can I say about that?!?
Canwest , Warren's employer, came within six cents of its 52-week low today and is worth less than half what it was this time last year.
The TSX hit a record high today.
The guy who kept David Warren on the Citizen payroll these many years is Canwest's new VP of Content, Scott Anderson.
But the Internet is to blame for the state of the newspaper business. Yup. The Internet. Just keep saying it, guys.


Warren K said...

Shit, when you said "Warren" I momentarily forgot that I employ me, and I had a coronary. Then I got better.

Over and out,


Ottawa Watch said...

Shares of Daisy would probably do well.
After reading the piece on Bay Street lawyering in Toronto Life, I can see why a firm like yours would be attractive.