Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Steyn being set up?

On Mark Steyn's web site, the Great Man says he's been invited to go mano a mano on TV Ontario's Agenda tonight with three of the sock puppets who are often incorrectly cited as the authors of the Human Rights Commission complaints against him. In fact, according to the TV Ontario web page, Steve Paiken is going to interview Steyn, then, after that's over, chat with the three sock puppets of Mr. Elmasry, the man holding the strings.

My advice, which I'm sure our chirping-voiced free speech hero will ignore: Tell TVO to screw off.

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Anonymous said...

Watched the show, Mark mopped the floor with the sock puppets,. They all balked on support for freedom of speech. The right to remain offended is their goal, and the actual complainant, elmasry, did not appear.
In Mr. Steyns words "It's like "Little Human Rights Commission On The Prairie": terrible acting, lavishly subsidized, and running forever."
A riveting bit of live tv at tvo.org