Saturday, June 07, 2008

D-Day Plus One

It's hard to believe that in my parents' generation sane, civilized people were dropping one-tonne bombs on each other's cities. We've come such a long way. A united Europe with free trade, open borders and a common currency. The end of both the Nazi and Communist threats to western democracy. The dismantling of the European and Japanese empires. Instant communication, almost free of charge, to all parts of the developed world.
The new era started the day the Germans backed away from the Moscow suburbs at Christmas, 1941. It got its juice on June 6, 1944.

Thanks, Vez, and the other guys who were there.


Anonymous said...

June 6, 1944 maybe?

Ottawa Watch said...

Fixed it!
My God! I've been writing a chapter on Quebec's press and Vichy and 1941 is seared in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of D-Day, one ordinary soldier's memories of the day.