Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm ready for the recession

Monday night, Marion and I went out for dinner in Toronto's Chinatown. With the US government deficit and the price of oil in mind, I ordered a pigeon as an appetiser. Not much on the bird and all dark meat. Still, slow-roasted and skinless, it was quite edible if not slightly dry. Half a dozen of the buggers would make a meal.
The bird came chopped up, with its head. That's probably the best part, but I left it for the waiter.
Now I see the country's biggest pigeon farm is a pyramid scheme and has gone mams up. This racket was charging other farmers $500 for a breeding pair. Seems to me that on most farms finding breeding pairs of pigeons should not be too hard.
Anyone want to breed chinchillas? Nice, clean, happy little animals that will thrive in your basement...


Some people have free food coming right up to the door.

I must say that bear is downright unpleasant. I haved eaten bear sausages and would never do it again.
Moose is great. Much better than beef.
Horse is also pretty tasty. I'd definitely go for that again.
Bison is better than beef or moose.
Emu is rather beef-like and I don't think it's worth the money.
Caribou is better than deer, but I am not really a big venison fan.
Muskrat is nice when its slow-cooked in a crock pot, but the chef must know how to properly prepare it. Beaver is much better than muskrat and is best cooked in stews. Both are very dark meat and a bit stringy.
Snakes and alligators are fairly boring. Both taste somewhat like chicken.
Shark is best deep-fried. A lot more people than you think, especially folks who bought fish and chips in England more than 30 years ago, have eaten shark. Grilled shark tastes somewhat like pork. Shark fin soup is overpriced and the rest of the shark is usually tossed back in the sea.
Whale and seal blubber is pretty much tasteless and has the consistency of a bike tire.

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