Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Save Ed the Sock!

The revolution starts now! Don't let Robbers get away with screwing with yet another Canadian cultural icon. Ed the Sock is more Canadian than the Hockey Night in Canada theme. He is the very essence of Toronto. He's also insanely popular, pulling big numbers in the "where's the can, I don't feel too good" portion of the late Friday night time slot.
Yes, Ed the Sock is not PC, at least in a correct kind of way. Nor do most women "get" him. Obviously, the Robbers brain trust, who can barely make money despite the fact Ted has schmoozed his way to massive communications monopolies, doesn't get Ed either.
So what will they replace him with?
Um, something cheap, I bet.
Something frightfully dull.
Something like all the crap on the other stations.
Why did Robbers buy CityTV?

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