Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry, Warren

A couple of years ago, I apologized to Warren Kinsella on this blog for something I wrote about the "Sponsorship Scandal". At the time, my wife was heading into law school, I was in grad school, and we really had neither the time nor the money to fight the long lawsuit Kinsella had initiated in response to a post I had written about him and sponsorship.
I believed the Sponsorship Scandal was a political enterprise involving Jean Chretien, his chief of staff Jean Pelletier, public works minister David Dingwall and Dingwall's very political chief of staff, Warren Kinsella. I believed the ad agencies and the bureaucrats involved at Public Works were acting on behalf of their political masters.
I even believed that after I made the apology.
Now, our little family would be quite able to fend off any lawsuits. I'm on the faculty of a great university and my wife will soon be articling as a corporate litigator at Gowlings, Canada's biggest law firm.
So what I am saying is, to coin a phrase, straight from the heart:
Now I know I was wrong. I am honestly sorry.
Coverage of the Sponsorship Scandal ruined my faith in Prime Minister Chretien, who I first met just after the 1984 leadership race and who, up to that point, I had admired. I believed he had been mean with his golf ball stunt, but, in light of today's ruling by the Federal Court, I can see how he (and I) would be enraged at being called "small town cheap" by a biased judge.
I'd like to know the real story of the sponsorship scandal -- who was behind it, where the money went, why some big ad firms got a lot of money for very little work.
Maybe Warren can tell me over that beer I owe him.


warren said...

You do not owe me an apology in any way, shape or form. I am just sor happy for him and Madame - and for Mr. Pelletier, who needed to hear this before it is too late.

If there is to be an apology, let it come from Messrs. Dion, Harper and Martin - for repeatedly defending Gomery, and for allowing good names to be dragged through the mud.

Beer's on me!

James Goneaux said...

It would appear that Justice Max Teitelbaum is a bit of a fan of Monseiur Chretien...not exactly the most unbiased thing I've heard from a judge (h/t Halls of Macadamia):

Justice Max Teitelbaum effusively welcomed the now retired political heavy-weight.

"Before you are asked to be sworn in, Mr. Chr├ętien, on behalf of the court, I would like to welcome you here. The court truly appreciates you taking the time and making the effort to be here," the judge said. "You may have been given a copy of my judgment as to why I requested that you be here on a motion made by Samson First Nation peoples. It's because of all you have done for this country as minister of Finance, I think, minister of Justice and, of course, minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. So thank you, sir, for coming."

Teitelbaum is listed as a deputy judge, with not much seniority. Any idea when he was appointed?

Just asking.

Ottawa Watch said...

Looks like normal courtroom courtesy to me.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice gesture, Mark - and an equally nice gesture from WK. I can't wait for similar kind words from all the right-wing types who ripped Chretien a new one for all these years but have defended Muldoon to the heavens. But I know I better be prepared to wait, cos that ain't gonna happen ....

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. With the fascists, all the talk about honesty, fairness and free speech is just a smokescrean for them to get their trotters in the trough.

Anonymous said...

Mark, since you legal tiff with Kinsella you haved referred to him in entries on this blog as a "liar". Do you still consider Kinsella a liar?

Craig said...

Dear Mark,

What, exactly, do you now know which exonerates Chretien?

Just because Gomery spoke out of turn does not mean that 'da little guy is off the hook.