Friday, June 27, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore, Gus...

My sister Mary Anne in Smith's Falls, tornado victim:

As far as I know, we had a tornado last night around 5. We’ve lost our power, phone, cable and internet. The wind and lightning knocked out the power on the street behind our house, the transformer and the hydro pole, the 35 foot pine tree in our backyard and tore the meter and all the cables right off the wall. Henri had cut down the other pine tree earlier in the week (which was a coincidence) and when he did that, he moved the boat so the boat was fine but the large pine tree fell towards the street in the back and fell on the aluminum canoe and totaled it, as well as my kayak and our gazebo. We are still without power (and phone, internet, etc) and will be without for a few days unless we can find an electrician to fix our meter earlier. The electricians are all really booked and we can’t hook up to hydro until an electrician fixes our meter... When our computer is up and running, I’ll send some pictures. We’re all fine, aside from our yard, which is a total write-off. The neighbor across the street, Joe Murphy, did not lose his power and was nice enough to come over and fire up his generator between our house and the Pilon’s next door, who are in the same boat. We are very lucky to have such nice neighbors and they were all out and helping last night. I was very grateful for the generator, because I felt like I was at camp at Mulligan’s Bay [Chapleau] and naturally, Henri was in Montreal and missed the storm.

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