Friday, August 15, 2008

The bear's claws

Maybe I spoke too soon. Now it does seem like August, 1939, after all.
Attacking a country that is in the armpit of Russia, a place that has barely known independence and was heavily colonized by Russia for hundreds of years, is one thing. Attacking Poland, a member of the EU and NATO, presumably by first crossing the territory of the independent Ukraine, is a different matter entirely. That would mean war with the West.
If Putin's generals actually reflect the thinking of the Kremlin, we're facing the most dangerous crisis of the post-war era.

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MJMartin said...

maybe the Soviet Union will get back together.

Bush and his cronies have everyone in the states so afraid of 2 dozen muslims living in caves half way around the world that many people 'wish the Soviets were around so we know who the enemy is'.????

Hmmm...communist suoerpower with 10,000 nukes or 2 dozen guys living in a cave plotting. I'll take the latter.