Friday, August 29, 2008

A coherent argument for HRC reform

B'nai Brith has release its policy paper on review and reform of the Human Rights Commission process in the face of what it calls "political Islam". Written by Human Rights lawyer David Matas, it lacks the hysteria of much of what's been written on the issue. I'm not too comfortable with the term "political Islam", but even less so with the current system that allows self-appointed representatives of Muslims, or of any other groups in society, to make frivilous and vexatious complaints to Human Rights Commission, hoping to create an HRC chill in Canada.

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bigcitylib said...

The "Islamist" stuff is a bit silly. The rest of it, for the most part, makes sense.

I have a little trouble with the awarding costs to the defendent.

Maclean's spent hundreds of thousands defending the equivalent of a parking violation. It was essentially a business decision on their part to pump up magazine sales. Should they get that back?