Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uppity black dudes

I dunno. I think if I was a law professor, community activist, brilliant public speaker, a US Senator, and the nominated Presidential candidate of a major political party, I'd feel a bit elitist. When you are at that level of accomplishment, you are in the elite.
Mike Huckabie was interviewed the other day. The former Republican Presidential candidate, who is now working for Fox News, said he did not support Obama but, having grown up in the South, he was very happy to see a black man win the nomination of a major party without race being a major issue.
I feel the same way. I would vote for McCain simply because I have followed his progress through the years when Bush and Karl Rowe tried to destroy his political career. I saw his grace and style, his self-deprecating humor on shows like Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show, and I heard him go head-to-head with left wing journalists on Air America who obviously respected McCain's intellect and courage. McCain is not Bush. He despises the stupidity of the Bush administration. And, I believe, of two very good candidates, he's the best to be president.
In the land of hate, there are so many people who trash Obama for the fact that he has quickly risen to be a bona fide celebrity and has amassed a dedicated following the likes of which has not been seen in America since 1960. Much of the criticism is based on some sort of idea that Obama has somehow risen above his station, has become, to the Winged Monkeys at Small Dead Animals, too "uppity".
My comment to them: we want a president who's better than us. Bush is what happens when you elected stupid people. Of course Obama is part of an elite. He's got a damn good shot at being president. He is not running for president of the Lowville, New York, Chamber of Commerce.

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Anonymous said...

Just so that there is no oversight: If Obama is part of the elite, McCain is part of the super-elite. The McCain family portfolio was estimated at between $36.6 million and $53.4 million late last year. Both his father and his paternal grandfather were four-star Navy admirals. He attended private boarding school and the U.S. Naval Academy. He was a military liaison to Senate. He reportedly adheres to a Pax Americana imperialism.