Sunday, September 21, 2008

And I had $100 riding on this guy to win

Tory candidate in Bob Rea's riding quits, saying he couldn't commit four years to public service.
Actually, it seems he wanted us al to become like Bernhard Goetz. Bigcitylib, one of this blog's more welcome visitors, has dug up the web caches of Reid's more interesting offerings.
Reid opposes medicare and the Canada Health Act. He thinks things might have gone differentkly for the poor chappie decapitated last summer in the country's first documented case of bus rage if the other passengers and the driver had been packing heat. Yup, it might have: the psycho might have got into a gunfight with the other passengers. Big improvement, that.

Emboldened by Reid's departure from the political stage, bus rage psychos continue to attack Greyhound passengers.

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