Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Boo hoo...

No one's going to switch their vote to Dion out of sympathy, no matter how Grit spinners spin it. Yea, the poopin' puffin was stupid, but there's lots of stupid stuff on the Internet. If it had been in a TV commercial, things might be different.
The whole puffin thing is an inside joke lost on 99% of Canadians, though, of course, they'll get the bird blast part. But if votes shift by .001% over the tasteless web page, I'll be surprised.
The campaign will almost certainly be decided by the debates. Right now, everyone's still trying to cope with change from summer to fall mode.

BTW, having a bird crap on you is supposed to be good luck, so maybe there's actually a mole in the PC War Room. Maybe.

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