Tuesday, September 30, 2008



*link plagiarised from Kinsella and folks on Facebook.


Owen Lippert, the guy who "wrote" Harper's speech is a PhD who is ex-Fraser Institute, ex-editorial board of the Globe and Mail.

He also offered himself up as a Progressive Conservative candidate in 1988.

He's also author of this paper, "Competitive Strategies for Intellectual Properties".

I don't know why people plagiarise. I've caught students doing it and I've seen people I thought were great reporters lose their careers for doing it. I feel sorry for Lippert, who resigned today for giving Harper the plagiarised speech. Here's a guy with a lot of brains and quite a good career, and now he's screwed.
As for the political impact on Harper: nil. Someone gave him a plagiarised speech. He can act the wounded consumer, the betrayed leader. He'd only be in trouble if he claimed to have written it himself.
Some people might be reminded Harper was willing to follow Bush into war in Iraq. But that's a "might have been".
And it's not a career killer. Ask Joe Biden.
Still, it probably puts some spring in the step of the Libs and Dippers.

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