Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The CBC: Canada's Public Broadcaster

It costs $1 billion a year. And it justifies itself by saying it provides services that no other media outlet in Canada will provide.
Services, I suppose, like running this piece of shit.
You want to take on McCain and Palin, fine. Like they'd really give a rat's ass. My advice as a writer: use real logic and real evidence, not invective and insults that border on racism. There are plenty of things to criticise about Republicans. Do some research instead of flinging garbage.
As a taxpayer, I don't want to pay for this garbage. The country isn't short of opinion-editorial space. If no one wants to publish Mallick in the free market, maybe the CBC should take the hint.
I'm in favor of a very scaled-back CBC with one radio network and one TV network doing documentaries and educational programming, with concise, straight news broadcasts similar to The World at Six. This type of trash reinforces that view.
If Heather Mallicks fans want to read Heather Mallick, let them do it on their own dime, just as the David Frum and Mark Steyn readers do.


snewp said...

ill pay tax dollars to trash Palin and Mcpain. That's a worthy cause IMHO.

Ottawa Watch said...

The reaction of fair-minded people to this kind of invective does not help your cause. There are many good reasons to vote against McCain. Surely she could have analyzed them instead of writing a bitter, insulting, immature and cruel piece like this.

Anonymous said...

I'd go one step further. Sell the CBC, hopefully Rupert Murdoch might have a use for it, and give the money to TVO and remake it as TVC.

Smack said...

At least they are finally canceling Canadian Air Farce. Paying for that crap writing, acting and producing with my taxes is appalling. Only in Canada would that drivel pass as satire and talent.

Ottawa Watch said...

We don't need Rick Mercer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes or Little Mosque on the Prairie, either. Nor should the CBC carry any sports that the private networks would broadcast.

maryanne said...

I need Rick Mercer and Hockey Night in Canada.What the hell would we do out here all winter without Rick??