Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Family Man Schtick

Being a "family man" has become important in this election, as though we all don't have parents, siblings, significant others, etc. I didn't know Mackenzie King was running in this election. He wasn't exactly a "family man" unless you count his dead mother.
Maybe this is supposed to make Harper and even Dion "human". I've seen them both close-up around their families. Yup, they have attractive wives and kids whom they don't seem to abuse in any way. The Harper kids are delightful and one of the first times I met Harper when he was PM, he asked a friend of mine where he could find a good hockey program for his son.
They also seem to be loyal husbands and neither of them has been caught cruising the city's leather bars or in sheep barns. But I'm glad neither one of them was my daddy. Being the child of a politician must be profoundly strange.
Maybe the Tory "family man" ads and resulting press coverage will attract the votes of people who need a pater patria instead of a Prime Minister. Now you don't just have to be smart and sober, you have to be the "aw shucks" daddy of your country.

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