Friday, September 26, 2008

Iran's New Nazis

Guilt for the Holocaust is something that burdens all of the countries of the West. While Hitler oppressed Jews and other "undesirables," then mechanized and industrialized genocide, all of the countries of the West appeased him, stayed neutral, and, when war finally came, did nothing to try to destroy the infrastructure of the death camp system. Countries like Canada refused to hear the pleas of the Jews and gave no "refugee status" to the many thousands who might have escaped.
So when Iranian "students" mock the Holocaust and advocate genocide, I feel very angry and quite nauseous.
Iran wants to be treated as a civilized country. I don't see why it should be when, if freed from international constraints it would work toward another attempt at exterminating the Jews.
I can imagine how the elites of Europe and the Mideast would feel if some government encouraged or even tolerated groups that publicly or privately advocated the extermination of Muslims.


Anonymous said...

The Israelis abuse and manipulate the Holocaust as their justification for their genocide of Palestinians.

Well, that has consequences. Deal with it.

Ottawa Watch said...

Maybe they should exterminate you.
Or is your anonymous genocidal talk only for Jews?
There is no genocide of Palestinians. Comparing the land issue in Israel/Palestine to the Holocaust is obscene, a deliberate distortion of history and a sign of your racism.

Anonymous said...

Please don't say that the Western democracies "did nothing" to stop the holocaust. My dad, among millions of others, only went to war against the Nazis. The West stopped the holocaust and defeated the evil that spawned it, at incalculable cost in blood and treasure. How is that "nothing"?

Don't try telling veterans of that war that they did nothing.

Ottawa Watch said...

Canada certainly did nothing to help the Jews, and Canadian soldiers did not fight to stop the holocaust. Canada refused sanctuary to Jews, even during the war when it had the opportunity to take in Jewish children via Vichy France. The Bronfman family tried to organize the rescue of these children and was obstructed every step of the way by the Liberal government.
Canadian forces did nothing to attack the Holocaust infrastructure of railways and death camps. Canadian troops liberated one transit camp in Holland in the last days of the war.
No, we have very little to be proud of concerning the Holocaust. We did work to defeat Naziism, but even after the war we did as little as possible for the Jews.
King was terrified of losing support in Quebec by bringing more Jews to Montreal and no one spoke out against the policy of exclusion, so we were left with a considerable amount of guilt from this genocide.