Monday, September 08, 2008

Montreal Gazette backing Harper

I'm in Montreal today. The Gazette has a flattering picture of Harper on the front, showing him and Laureen at Quebec City. The Globe and the Ottawa Citizen have the same picture of Harper and his wife and their fancy Air Canada (wait for it) Airbus. Neither paper mentioned the interesting history connected with those planes.
The Gazette, in an editorial with a glaring error (Harper did not walk across the street to Rideau Hall, Gazoos. He went in a motorcade.) wonders who Montreal voters cling to their support of the Liberals when the race in Quebec should be a two-way fight between the Tories and the Bloc.
(Just maybe it's because the Liberals are the most federalist of the federal parties.)
Anyway, looks like the Canwest papers are falling neatly into line. Harper's in Winnipeg tonight and tomorrow. Maybe he'll announce more funding for the Asper family project, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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