Friday, September 12, 2008

Mud wresting in rural New Jersey

Bill Murdoch comes from my old corner of the Ontario sticks. He made his name as a township reeve in Grey County who was eager and willing to carve up the Niagara Escarpment into 5-acre lots. This made him popular with Toronto people who wanted a little hobby farm in one of the nicer parts of the province, and with farmers eager to unlaod their old goatland for big money. Then he moved way out of his league, getting elected to Queen's Park, where they make real laws and stuff.
Murdoch has, yet again, stepped in bovine by-product. Yup, John Tory is yesterday's news, having blown the last election campaign with his idjut full-funding-for-madrasses promise. And, yes, losing Ontario Tory leaders don't get a second electoral chance (not that there have been too many losing Tory leaders these past 70 years). But Bill just couldn't keep his mouth shut, which is one good reason to send the stupid bugger back to the farm and let the smart people work this out.

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