Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The next year's headlines

Will there be an election?

We are all geared up for an election.

We don't want an election.

An election might be illegal.

People will be very upset if Harper calls an election.

Harper has called an election.

No one cares about the election.

The election debates are coming.

Will the Green Party be in the election debates.

Geeen Party fights to be in election debate, launches court challenge.

Green Party loses fight to be in election debate.

No one cares about election debate.

Harper wins English debate.

Dion wins French debate.

Green Party, NDP support eroding.

Can Harper break through in Toronto?

Can NDP break through in Westmount-Ville Marie?

Harper wins larger minority.

Harper brings down budget.

Is Dion's leadership safe?

Dion's leadership unsafe, Liberal sources say.

Dion resigns as leader, cites family reasons.

Liberal leadership contest a horserace.

Public apathetic to Liberal leadership race.

Liberals choose new leader.

Will there be an election?

We are all geared up for an election

No one wants an election.

Is an election even legal...

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