Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tonda McCharles, Agenda Setter

The Toronto Star's rather dim Parliamentary reporter Tonda McCharles hits the campaign trail today and leaves all the other candidates in her dust:

Just hours after the campaign began, however, came news of the death of yet another Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. Sgt. Scott Shipway, the 97th soldier to die, was killed by a roadside improvised explosive device that also injured seven other Canadian soldiers.

The seven injured are "in good condition," said Brig. Gen. Denis Thompson who announced Shipway's death. He said the young father was a week away from returning home after his second Afghanistan deployment.

Thompson said no amount of equipment or technology can prevent determined insurgent bombers from building and planting even bigger explosives.

"The situation is difficult and challenging. there's no question about that," said Thompson.

The news underlined an unpredictable issue in the coming electoral campaign that could see the 100th Canadian soldier killed in the Afghan mission.

It was not a central or strong theme in any of the opening speeches by federal party leaders who attempted today to frame what they want the "ballot question" for Canadians to be


Anonymous said...

Boy, you hate everybody!!!!

Ottawa Watch said...

No I don't.
I do believe candidates should run their campaigns and reporters should report on them. McCharles writes a long chunk of her election story on these deaths, then finally gets around to saying none of the people actually running for office mentioned Afghanistan. it's her agenda, not the people running.
There's a reason Afghanistan is not an issue between the Liberals and the Tories. She doesn't tell you what it is, but, essentially, the Libs did the originakl deployment and, by and large, support it and would not end it any earlier than 2011. Layton is in favor of a quicker return of Canadian troops, as long as it's safe. But hey, why let facts get in the way of McCharles' axe-grinding?