Thursday, September 11, 2008

You be the judge

In this now-notorious TV audio clip (which has been subject of legal threats from Green Party communications flak John Bennett, who used to work for -- wait for it -- Amnesty International), does Elizabeth May say "they" think Canadians are stupid or "I" think Canadians are stupid?
The difference in wording does mean a lot. And keep in mind that the quote is pulled from some kind of context.
Here it is.


Actually, the fact that she agrees with the notion Canadians are stupid, whether it's "they" or "I" really doesn't matter.
I had taken it for granted her comments were lifted out of some kind of context. Amazingl, I was wrong. Here's the audio of the broadcast. The exchange begins about 38 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip.
I hardly see how Bennett can make a threat about slander, when his own boss made the statement. As for TVO's copyright, this is defintely fair use for the purposes of public debate.

Turns out John Bennett has joined Ryan Sparrow in the flak doghouse. Bennett was, er, not quite accurate in his threat that TVO would sue the Tyee and Stephen Taylor, and the Greens have disowned any threat of legal action on their behalf.

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Werner Patels said...

Whether she said "Canadians are stupid" or "I think Canadians are stupid" doesn't really matter much. "I think", as far as I can tell, is merely an interjection (between commas if written down).

I listened to the audio, and that's what she said, even saying that she agreed with the assessment.