Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Post-Mortem

* Ignore all pundits who say any major part is dead. The Liberals were written off as dead in 1984. The Conservatives – and conservatives – were supposedly dead in 1993. Remember all those pundits who talked in the 1990s about a coming Liberal century and shed crocodile tears at the supposed loss of democracy?

* You can win a majority in Canada even with the Bloc squatting on 50 seats. Ask Jean Chretien. Look at the 1993 Parliament.

* As I’ve said, God help anyone elected this year. They will wear this recession. If it lasts three years, expect the Liberals to roar back with a big majority.

* The only hope for the NDP is to ditch the unions and go New Labour/Populist. There is a big opening on the Prairies and in rural Canada as the Conservatives “go native” in Ottawa, something that’s already begun to happen.

* It’s time for the Greens to pack it in. This is a party that the voters have rejected in the four federal elections in which the Greens have been taken seriously by the media. Look, folks, you’re never going to elect anyone. Please detach from the public teat.


Steven Harper - he’s got three worry-free years, at least.

Bill Casey – proof a decent guy can stick to principles and come out a winner,

Danny Williams. – King of the Newfies, whatever that’s worth. Now, about $75 oil, Danny?

Michael Ignatief - everyone says he could have won this campaign.

Dalton McGuinty – the most powerful elected Liberal in the country.

Ralph Gooddale – the only important Liberal on the Prairies.

Canwest – did a pretty good job of covering the election.

Justin Trudeau – until the hype becomes unbearable and the scrutiny begins.


Stephane Dion – it was a good run, but his lack of English skills killed him a year ago. His leadership of the Liberals cost seats everywhere, including Quebec.

Jean Charest - could have been a great voice for Canada in this election campaigning against the Bloc and established himself as the Tory heir-apparent. Instead, was too cowardly and ends up being just another backwater pol.

Liberals everywhere – especially if Justin Trudeau is hyped as the next leader. Justin Trudeau is the darling of some of the media, but the Trudeau brand won’t sell anywhere except, maybe, in Toronto.

Rural Canada – the storm is breaking. The St. Thomas truck plant closure announcement on election day was fair warning. Watch crop prices tumble this fall as the demand for ethanol drops and the bumper corn harvest comes in. I doubt I’m the only one who noticed every field in eastern Canada and the US Midwest was planted in corn and soya beans this summer.

CTV – their lack of ethics is now public knowledge.

The Globe and Mail – when people are laughing at your senior Parliamentary correspondent, there’s a problem. As well, when you’re letting pollsters and shills dictate your coverage and even write it, you’ve gone too far.

Maclean’s – “Smarmy” might be great when folks are flying high, but I suspect the Age of Smug is fast drawing to a close.

The 905 – when those mortgages on the McMansions between Highway 7 and Major Mackenzie come up for renewal and your house is worth 30% less than you paid for it and is mortgaged for 90% of the purchase price, who are you going to ask for help? Your MP? Good luck!

Elizabeth May – hard not to come to the conclusion she’s not an egomaniac and a bit of a flake.

Bob Rae – a lot of people spent the last half of the campaign wondering what kind of evil attack ads the Tories would have developed against Liberal Leader Bob Rae as the markets tumbled. My favorite was the fake “Thank You” billboard from the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce that was erected in downtown Toronto when Rae was Premier. Plus all those nasty things Rae said about Liberal economics.

Bloggers. We’re really yesterday’s news. Even the biggest blogs in the country have nowhere near the readership of a major media web page, and it’s doubtful we’ve swayed a single vote.

The social fibre of Canada – when Parliament, the bar and the press have been de-legitimized by the people in power, there’s a problem. Now academia seems to have been tossed on the pile.


Anonymous said...

Price of corn has already tumbled to below $4 US per bushel and soybeans are down to below $9 US per bushel.
My father quit growing corn in the early 70's when the price was $3.30 per bushel and he figured that there was no money in them at that price. Back when gas was 50 cents per gallon.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that decent, intelligent people can't be politicians (in general). Every hair, every pimple gets analyzed -- even though image or perceived image should not matter. Dion is an intelligent person, a decent man, and yet he was hounded for not being what he is. Gee, Elizabeth needs a make-over and some braces -- but -- that will not change what she has to say. And the sweater didn't really help Harper, did it. Re Layton's mustache -- he's the best looking of all of them.