Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Revised: The Angel of Death Moves Through The Newsrooms

The Christian Science Monitor, one of the best newspapers in the world, died today. (HT to anonymous commenter)

But first it was Frank Magazine:

Attention subscriber!

To our regret, we have decided to stop publishing Frank Magazine. Effective immediately, both the online efrank.ca and the bimonthly paper edition have been terminated.

Despite the efforts of our wonderful staff and contributors, our loyal investors and our dedicated subscribers, we could not achieve profitability.

My thanks to everyone involved with Frank over the past 19 years.
It has been a memorable experience, but it is now time to move on.

To efrank.ca subscribers, your Visa accounts have been closed.
Please direct all inquiries to 613-567-2552.

Er, that's it,

Michael Bate

I don't know where journalism is headed these days. Nowhere good, by the looks of things.


John Williams said...

For the record: Halifax-based Frank Magazine is an entity unto itself and as such is unaffected by the death of the Ontario edition of Frank and efrank.ca

John Williams,
Editor, Frank Magazine
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ottawa Watch said...

Well, there ya go, and good luck to ya.

Anonymous said...

Death of a real publication.



Anonymous said...

And yet the Epoch Times (complete with Star-Wars-Death-Star-like front page graphic) continues full steam.

Maybe Bate should contact them and talk about a deal: Frank with anti-PRC bumpf! Dick Little tacking those "red Chinese!" Think of the potential!

"The New Epoch Frank, free all over Ottawa."

Anonymous said...

And in New Brunswick, the Irvings win another battle as the Carleton Free Press closes.


Anonymous said...

John Williams,

Can people in Ottawa purchase the Halifax Frank Magazine?

John Williams said...

I'm a bit late with this, but had no idea there was a looming question.
Yes, Halifax Frank is available at Mags & Fags on Elgin St. and also via subscription. www.atlanticfrank.ca