Monday, October 20, 2008

Those big birds circling around? They're not Happy Fun Birds

A major investment analyst has set her target price for Canwest shares at a buck. She also advises people slowly unload the stock, changing her call on Canwest from a "speculative buy".
Most interesting line in the story: Canwest's big bonds come due in 2012 -- three years. I was having a hell of a time finding that bit of information.
So three years until the Great Reckoning for the Aspers, but until then they have no credit to buy or expand anything. And I doubt the fundamentals of Canwest will be fundamentally different in three years, at least in a good way.
Now, my next big question, for anyone in the know: what are the chances of interest default on this junk-bond yield debt? Because that would change everything.

The turkey is now back to its all-time low, $1.28.

To add insult, etc... The Scud Stud is now suing them for a very nasty column in the Calgary Herald by Don Martin.

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