Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Friends tell me notices have appeared on National Post boxes in downtown Toronto saying they will no longer be serviced after Saturday. Similar (or the same) notices popped up on boxes at service centres on Highway 401 east of Toronto earlier this week. I've been in Montreal, where National Post boxes don't seem to exist, so I haven't been able to look for these notices. Now that I'm back in Ottawa, I'll check to see if the same signs are on the boxes here.
Meanwhile, any of you who see something when you are out and about can e-mail me at or post a comment.
Canwest is posting results by the end of the week. Maybe things will be clarified then.
All I've heard is that the Saturday magazine section of the Post has been killed.

Meanwhile, we lost Masthead magazine and its web site this week. That's very sad. Not only was it a great source of news about magazines, but it also had an online job board and hosted a professional development conference in Toronto every spring.


The Post has pulled out of the Prairies and raised the price of its papers to a level that will cause sales to plummet: $1.50 for the weekday paper, $2.50 for Saturday.

(ht Marsden in the comments)


Rachel Marsden said...

Someone put a fork in the freaking Post already so I can get out my best dress and high heels and tap dance on its grave...and the bodies of all the dorkorific, antisocial, egotistical losers who work there.

Rachel Marsden said...

Announcement in today's paper that prices are going up on Nov 1st: $1.50 weekdays, $2.50 weekends. Ya, ok...PASS. If I want to pay that much $ to look at a bunch of ads on paper, I'll buy Vogue.
Just stick a freaking fork innit. Schiavo the thing already. Jesus.

Rachel Marsden said...

Nat Post pulls out of Manitoba and Saskatchewan