Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today's moment of honesty

When I go to the National Hurricane Center web page, I'm disappointed when there aren't any.

I truly believe most dogs are better than most cats.

I would only watch a car race if I had a reasonably good chance of seeing a wreck.

I would buy a cell phone jammer if I had the chance and I would use it everywhere.

I used to feel superior when I went to the States, but i don't anymore.

I still fall for politicians'lies.

I have ruined some very good books by reading them in the bathtub.

I know in my heart that if I was about to be crushed by a meteorite, I'd repent my sins to God.


bigcitylib said...

Reading in the bath is one of the great joys in life. You can always buy another copy (Check out Value Village--its great for books).

Ottawa Watch said...

I know. In Ottawa, you find all kinds of great political stuff, much of it signed. Some of my scores, with signatures: Memoirs of a Bird in a Gilded Cage (Judy LaMarsh), The New Party (Stanley Knowles); Dief's 3-volume memoirs.
That stuff stays away from the bath tub.