Thursday, December 04, 2008


Technically, it's legal.
A sharp reporter would call up Joe Clark (1979) and Paul Martin (2006) and ask them if it's morally right. They might have interesting explanations for their decisions to face the House.
But what the hell does morality have to do with power in this country?
Welcome to the age of Karl Rove. It's not a great time for those of us who really, truly believe that Parliamentary democracy is the best form of government. It is a great day for people who believe in electing a dictator every few years. That is, until someone finds a reason to get rid of elections. They are awfully expensive, I suppose.


MJMartin said...

Who needs elections when you can just have the U.S. Supreme Court decide the outcome anyways (2000)

Ottawa Watch said...

No Canadian conservatives complained about that, I can assure you.