Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ready to take on the world

A pic of Canadian auto workers from today's Toronto Star:

Now, I wonder if the aged auto plant work force, decimated and demographically warped by seniority-based layoffs, might be part of the problem?


Richard said...

True story from when I worked at a mine...

Me (safety guy): "There's a bunch of oil on the floor in front of that doorway. Can one of you guys run over and clean it up?"

Union Mechanic: "That's the labourer's job. He'll be back in a while"

Me: "It's your oil. There's a trail of it leading from your drain pan. Look, it's overflowing, right there."

Union Mechanic: "The big pan is under the grader. We thought the small pan would hold it all."

Right about then the labourer walks in, slips on the oil and breaks his wrist as he tries to break his fall.

Union Mechanic: "Man Down!"

Me: "WTF?"

After wrapping the labourer's wrist and shipping him to the hospital in town, I wandered by the break room for some coffee and heard the following:

Union Mechanic (to buddies): "This place isn't safe. We're getting hurt and those f**ks aren't doing a damned thing about it!"

Two months later I quit the mine.

JA Goneaux said...

I don't like to see folks lose their jobs (mostly). But it was just a few weeks ago that one of the Big Three (a misnomer if there ever was one) was canceling the third shift at one of its plants.

WTF? They've known for almost a year (and Really Smart People will tell you it was longer) and for AT LEAST six months that there was a credit crunch or recession or depression coming, and they've been pumping out unwanted product 24 hours a day?

AND they want my tax money?