Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today in Bullshit

Sun Media cutting 600 jobs (CBC)
Quebecor-owned Sun Media said Tuesday it is cutting 600 jobs in Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada.

The company said the cuts, which are mainly expected to be made by the end of this year, work out to about 10 per cent of the workforce, excluding mailroom staff.

Sun Media blamed the cuts on the effect the soft economy is having on its print media revenue, coupled with a shift toward more free content on the internet.

"The speed at which the current economic environment is deteriorating forces us to make difficult decisions at this time of the year," said Pierre Karl Peladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor.

"This decision in no way changes our commitment to our publications, our readers and our advertisers," he said in a release.

The company said the cuts are expected to result in restructuring costs of approximately $14 million.

Sun Media has 43 paid-circulation and free dailies in Canada's major urban markets, plus more than 200 community newspapers, shopping guides and other publications.

Yea, PK, that's the way to handle increased competition.

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JA Goneaux said...

Well, the Toronto Sun is practically unreadable now (yes, even for a tabloid). I dropped the daily delivery, and will be dropping the weekend papers when they come begging for money again.

Seriously, the colour comics are down to four pages (i.e, one sheet).

Hell, our college paper had more.

Hell, our HIGH SCHOOL paper almost had more. Not quite a "scalable" comparison, but sheesh.

The TV guide is useless (actually, all print ones are), with one re-hashed story from the, um, "ENT" section as the actual writing for its ENTIRE magazine.

And since I'm not in the market to buy a car, a house or a vacation, all those sections aren't read either.

That leaves news, sports and comment.

The local news (all I'm interested in, I've seen the rest elsewhere) is limited to a few paragraphs, usually re-written police blotter stories.

So, if they want to sell me the sports and comment section for a buck a week, sure.

But I still don't see how firing all the people I DO read makes sense...