Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Great Canadian Rorchach Test

Question 1. Interpret this picture:

Picture stolen from Skippy Stalin


Anonymous said...

I dunno...whad'ya mean "interpret this picture"?

It's Harper with Kinsella's dinner

bigcitylib said...

Well Harper's definitely looking to eat that cat. Your point is it isn't just a Chinese thing?

Ottawa Watch said...

I'm sure Mr. Kinsella was just making a cultural reference to the old urban myth that various and sundry Chinese restaurants were busted for serving up cat. I heard that myth all my life about various Chinese joints, usually run-down places like the Yang Shen.
I doubt anyone anywhere buys that old saw, though people of a certain age do toss it out. In fact, I've heard at least one Prime Minister make a joke in that regard, but since it was in a personal conversation, that's as far as I'll go.

Chris Mehrlein said...

(hoarse, high pitched voice)

Heelllp me! Heeeelllllpp mmeeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Thursday morning last, our kitten Ootsy disobeyed my direct order not to play with its favourite cat toy until I indicated it was appropriate. Instead, it took it upon itself to begin batting it around the children's living room. This premeditated, provocative act of defiance - in front of my children, no less - demanded that I respond at once. I had no choice but to pull its front left arm from its body, thus rendering its toy-swatting capabilities reduced by a full 50%. It was, admittedly, a painful lesson for the children to witness but I am confident the message was clear. Besides, they all get far too much enjoyment out of playing baseball, swimming and other two-armed sports to consider any similar defiance. So, it was a lesson both painful and profitable. It is hoped Ootsy II will not prove to be such a slow learner.