Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's Comin'

If he likes Ottawa in February, he'll always like it.
President Obama's visit has been confirmed for Thursday, Feb. 19.
Meanwhile, the President showed today he's no wuss about winter. I agree with him. Every time there's a hint of freezing rain, Ottawa's school board cancels the busses.
But then, don't get me going about Ottawa's bus troubles. The whole city is going nuts over the transit strike, which is now into its eigth week with no end in sight.


Anonymous said...

Press release from the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association:

Senior Ignatieff Liberal's "cat meat" comment offends the Chinese community

Chinese Canadian Conservative Association calls on Liberal leader to fire Senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella

Toronto – Alex Yuan, chair of the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association called on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to distance himself from the comments made by senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. In a recent blog posting Kinsella likened the meat found in Chinese cuisine to cat meat.

“Back in the Big Owe for a couple weeks, so what better way to kick things off than with some BBQ cat and rice at the Yang Sheng, hangout of our youth? Yay!”

Kinsella repeated the offensive comment in a video posting on his website.

“Our community is deeply concerned with Mr. Kinsella's comments. Kinsella repeats the most vulgar and offensive stereotypes by associating the meat served by Chinese restaurants to cat meat. He has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and disrespected the Chinese culture," continued Yuan.

“This is not the first instance of such intolerant remarks by Mr. Kinsella therefore we call upon Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to fire Mr. Kinsella as his senior strategist and apologize to the community.”

Mr. Kinsella was forced to apologize for another intolerant blog posting in 2007. In the 2007, he wrote a post suggesting that Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod would rather bake cookies than run for office.

For more information please contact:

Tom Pang, CCCA Director


Ottawa Watch said...

Jeeez, 'fraid I've been guilty of that faux pas myself. Anyone over about 25 who has not committed that sin may cast the first stone.