Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tag Day for Broadcasters

The CRTC says all the broadcasters in the country earned, in total, $8 million last year.
Canwest is asking the CRTC to re-consider its decision not to charge cable companies (and, through them, cable subscribers) for carrying Canwest's stations. It was a bad decision. The History Channel gets carriage fees, despite the fact it's unwatchable because of all the ads. So does the Aboriginal Channel and CBC Snoozeworld. Why shouldn't the CBC, CTV and Global?
Still, fat chance the commission will change its mind just months after its original decision.
Meanwhile, someone bought half a million shares of Canwest stock today, driving the shares up a dime from 48 cents to 58 cents.
Prem Wata and his Fairfax holding company now own about 23% of the company.


Moody's says today CanWest's "flinging bar tables and chairs in front of its pursuers" business plan is a non-starter and the stock lost 20% this morning.


Anonymous said...

I see the Globe is preparing for the coming econmic apocalypse by both getting staff and increasing its daily price outside of the GTA to $1.75 Monday to Friday.
Now cheaper to buy the New York Times during the week than Canadian's National Newspaper.

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. Now there's a business plan that will work.
More for less is an interesting business concept that has not yet shown signs of being successful.