Friday, February 06, 2009

You read it here first

Despite a few errors, this is a great piece in Toronto Life on the Canwest mess. Posner, a reporter at the Globe and Mail, completely avoids the problems with the newspapers and with the convergence model Canwest has adopted. The slash + burn = suckage equation is not addressed.

Meanwhile, Rick McGinnis tells us how life really is (or ends) on Metro, one of the freebie tabloids that was supposed to be the future of journalism.

Meanwhile, here's the latest Globe story on Canwest's run-for-the-saloon-door-while-knocking-over-chairs-and-tables business plan.

Note to David Thomson: I would have paid to read this story, but you gave it away. Sucker.

Ht for both: Eye magazine's Marc Weisblott.

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