Saturday, February 14, 2009

You read it here first

As I said last September, George Radwanski walked. He wasn't acquitted because of his friends in high places. In Ottawa, Radwanski always had more enemies than friends. He was not guilty of the charges because he had no intention of defrauding anyone of anything. As the trial showed, Radwanski is awful with money and not a well-organized man. That's far from being a criminal.
If you do look at my Sept. 26, 2008 post, there are some good reasons to look into the organized attack on Radwanski's reputation.
Even though he's not guilty, Radwanski has been put through the wringer. I believe it would be proper for the government to pay his legal fees and give him a financial settlement for forcing him out of his job.

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Anonymous said...

He threatened Zach over closed circuit cameras, and Chretien had him canned.