Monday, March 16, 2009

The Future of Journalism

Seattle Post-Intelligencer goes "all online".

All the reporters are cut.

An ex-mayor, his wife (who's a member of Congress) plus various other vested interest bloggers get gigs.

Hearst plans no local coverage, just re-hashes of magazine copy and other free pap.

Did someone say something about journalism's importance to democracy?


Anonymous said...

"All online" will probably be the future of the National Post. Blog commentaries driven by ideologues, with wire service copy to complement.

bigcitylib said...

Gig as in "paid gig"? Doesn't sound like it. Also

"Sitting at her desk surrounded by departing reporters who packed boxes quietly or sipped whiskey..."

So the stereotypes are true.

Anonymous said...

"Many industry analysts agree many more papers will soon become extinct. Most two-newspaper towns [in the U.S.] will likely disappear, perhaps by the end of 2009, some experts say.

Read more.