Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journalists as Social Climbers

Rick McGinnis, ex of Metro, writes a lively and rather thoughtful piece on why journalism is fucked. The core of his argument concerns Garth Drabinsky, a thieving scumbag with who I had my own little clash almost 30 years ago, but it fits the situation in Ottawa, too.


Anonymous said...

People are starting to get it. I wonder if the journos (ever) will.
Good work on the Agenda.....but if you get another chance at those supercilious twits don't be so polite

Anonymous said...

I heard that best way to have them turn their noses up on you at a party is to admit that you have never read a book in years. It's scareledge amongst the CanLit crowd and you will never get invited to another party.