Friday, March 20, 2009

Judging the NNAs

My statement re: Jonathan Kay's blog attacks on me:

As a judge in the National Newspaper Awards, I can't divulge the details of the deliberations that went into choosing the three finalists and the winner in my category (beats).
However, I can say all three judges took this responsibility extremely seriously. For my part, having been nominated five times for national writing awards (NNA, National Magazine Awards, CAJ), I brought to the effort the same serious care that I would hope judges used when judging my own submissions to these types of competition.
We did not look with prejudice or favor upon any company. In fact, the NNAs in this category are personal awards to reporters, and it was on the basis of the quality of the reporting that we made our choices.
I have been very critical of Canwest on this blog, but I have not criticized Canwest's reporters. I certainly would not cheat any of them out of a National Newspaper Award, which is what Mr. Kay suggests.
In fact, in the category that I judged, two of the three nominees are from Canwest newspapers.
I believe it is extremely unprofessional for Mr. Kay to attempt to draw the NNAs into disrepute with innuendo.

Mark Bourrie PhD
Concordia University


Anonymous said...

Anyone who can actually say that Gary Clement is the best cartoonist in Canada is a little biased.

Ottawa Watch said...

I think Michael de Adder is the best cartoonist in Canada right now.

Anonymous said...

I would go with Graeme MacKay. I would usually say AIslin, but he's gotten a bit too into the photoshop. Gable's always interesting.

Clement is kinda funny, but a bit obvious.

Ottawa Watch said...

Clement is certainly up there. I like some of his marginalia.

Rachel Marsden said...

Consider the source, Bourrie. I wasn't even aware that Jon Kay was still around. Paris. Je suis ici, dans la 16e, encore qqes probablement tout l'ete. :)

Anonymous said...

Surely Mark's extensive journalistic experience qualifies him as a judge for the National Newspaper Awards. He is an author, contributing magazine editor and university lecturer who can ably wear all these caps while providing some hard-hitting and honest economic commentary about the newspaper industry. Where his award decisions impacted by his analysis? No. This is what I would expect from such a professional.